*SOLD* *RARE GRAIL* Vintage 1970 CUT BADGE Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic Snare Drum

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100% ORIGINAL CUT BADGE LUDWIG SUPRAPHONIC SNARE DRUM.  These may not be ultra-rare, but they are certainly uncommon.  Most are now in the hands of collectors and don't come up for sale often.  She appears to be 100% original, including the heads.  Her chrome is excellent.  There is a smudged date-stamp inside and after lengthy scrutiny, we believe she is dated "APR 2 1970."  Usually cut-badge Supras of this era were chrome over brass, however this one we believe is an aluminum shell based on the weight and the lack of crimped snare beds.  This makes her actually even more rare, especially given the condition of the chrome!  Own a rare piece of significant drumming history!