*SOLD* Ludwig Mid-90s Super Classic Black Lacquer 4-Ply Maple Drumset

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This is a rare find! Virgin bass drum and toms shells is almost impossible to find for 1990s-era Ludwig drums, but that’s what we have here. This kit was originally a 4-piece drum set, and the 8” rack tom (late 90s) was later added. 
Here are the sizes (depth x diameter):
 - 16x20 bass drum
 - 8x8 rack tom with RIMS mount
 - 9x10 rack tom with RIMS mount
 - 11x12 rack tom with RIMS mount
 - 13x14 rack tom converted to floor tom
The black lacquer finish shows light wear and minor scratches. The chrome on this set is in near mint condition and gleams! All drums except the 8x8 rack tom are original black lacquer finish. The 8x8 rack tom is an original black wrap finish, and it is in great shape.