Yamaha Stage Custom (Raven Black) - 5 Piece Shell Pack w/ Hardware

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Here we have a *barely* used Yamaha Stage Custom drum set with the beautiful Raven Black finish! These drums provide amazing sound at an unbeatable price with their six-ply 100% birch shells. These drums come with Aquarian Performance II batter heads installed. This set also includes the Yamaha SD-266A snare drum, which boasts a wide tuning range for all musical situations.

This set comes with the following...

Snare Drum (6.5" x 14") - Yamaha SD-266A (Steel)
Rack Tom (7" x 10") - Yamaha Stage Custom (Six-Ply Birch)
Rack Tom (8" x 12") Yamaha Stage Custom (Six-Ply Birch)
Floor Tom (15" x 16") Yamaha Stage Custom (Six-Ply Birch)
Rack Tom (17" x 22") Yamaha Stage Custom (Six-Ply Birch)

(x2) Yamaha CH-755 Boom Cymbal Stand

Pearl Snare Drum Stand
Yamaha HS-740A Hi-hat Stand
Yamaha TH-945B Triple Cymbal/Tom Holder (w/ 2 CL-945 Tom Clamps)
Yamaha CH-750 Cymbal Arm