About Us

Having grown up playing the drums, Mike promised his future self that he would someday own another drum set after having to pawn his first drum set in 1999 to pay for college.  In 2017, Mike bought his dream house with a nice big basement.  He made good on that promise by purchasing a Pearl kit from a nearby seller on Craigslist.  The seller offered him a "throwaway" snare drum; literally he said "you can take it if you want, otherwise I'm just going to toss it."  Mike carefully restored the kit as well as the old snare, which turned out to be a 1976 6.5" Ludwig Supersensitive.  

Immensely gratified by how beautiful the snare turned out compared to how it looked prior, Mike was very pleased.  He realized he enjoyed the process and it didn't feel like "work".  Breathing life back into what was old and making it new again was the fire that ignited his passion for restoring vintage drums.  He has since restored hundreds of vintage American drums and with each one has improved his skill sets, techniques, and knowledge, and has made lots of friends in the process.  

Our mission is always to keep drums as close to original as possible.  And it is our policy with drum sets to NEVER "break up families."  Meaning that though there may exist more profit in selling drums individually that were originally sold as a set, we will not do it!

The community of people who love vintage drums and trade in them is very warm and welcoming, and Mike loves that about this niche.  There is a very large community in the U.S. and worldwide that is happy to share knowledge, leads, tips and tricks, and usually with a smile and a good story.

In 2018, Mike started selling some of his massive collection on ebay and started Bloo Goose Classic Percussion, and it took off very quickly.  The name is actually an offshoot of his Drone and Photography Business, Bloo Goose Digital Media.  

In November 2020, Ripken Walker joined the BGCP team at the age of 19 with the duty of restoring drums for Bloo Goose. As time has gone on, Ripken is now extremely skilled at restoring, acquiring, marketing, photographing, and shipping all sorts of vintage and modern percussion instruments and accessories.

Our motto is "BECAUSE OLD DRUMS RULE".  

Thanks for stopping by!